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  • Rick Hayes

The High Cost of Free Stuff

A statement that should be framed and fastened to every dorm room wall in the country, "Nothing is for free since there is a cost associated with everything." To fully grasp that assertion is to recognize one of life's greatest truths.

Leftists Democrats are always telling America's younger generation the complete opposite. That there is such a thing as free education or healthcare is preposterous.

There is a brilliant scene in the 1960's movie, "Inherit The Wind," where actor Spencer Tracy playing lawyer Henry Drummond, gives a speech to a jury about the harsh reality of tradeoffs, especially regarding the advancements in technology. "Progress has never been a bargain," states Tracy. "You can have a telephone, but you lose privacy and the charm of distance, you may conquer the air, but the birds will lose their wonder, and the clouds will smell of gasoline." And so it is with the promise of free stuff.

You may receive a college education at no cost to you, but be assured that taxes on everyone else, including your friends and family, will skyrocket. You may receive free housing or food, but you trade away your autonomy and the privilege of choice.

Remember that the Democrats in Congress do not own the things they are giving away, and these freebies didn't emerge out of thin air. Also, the common-sense world tells us that when someone gives away free stuff, there is usually a huge and thick string attached. Leftist Democrats give one thing with the left hand and take two things with the right. They may provide entire cities free services, but they demand and receive perpetual votes from people who have now become dependent.

There are many costs associated with a freebee society, and the loss of self-determination, individualism, private ownership and independence are just a few. On the surface, getting something for free sounds so wonderful, but just like a skillfully crafted commercial, frequently what you are promised and what you receive have little in common.

And, in "free stuff" society selection becomes whatever the state says it is. The more stuff becomes free, the more it becomes alike. Take a look at images of the old Soviet Union and see the grey and dark clothes that are worn by the masses or the cookie-cutter autos for those lucky enough to be able to afford a vehicle.

Think of a man standing on a street corner with a truck filled with junk. And to every passerby, he allows them to take away a piece of junk, but only after they have surrendered the joys of life. Would anybody make such a deal? Sadly millions of people choose that deal every election day.

And in the end, even the free stuff runs out as the well runs dry as it always has and always must. To hear politicians say that their particular form of socialism will work where others have failed is a show of disrespect to the audience and irreverence to history. The core values of a freebie ideology run counter to human nature, and unless the goal is to change human nature, their plans will ultimately fail.

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