• Rick Hayes

The Hypocrite Test

By Rick Hayes

If you support the Democrat policy that allows biological men identifying as women to compete against women in women's sports, then you accept the inevitable consequences.

Those consequences are that biological men identifying as women will receive athletic scholarships meant for women, get pro sports contracts intended for women, and enjoy achieving sports records in categories designed for women. Hence, you are either anti-women or a hypocrite.

If you support the Democrat policy of open borders, you will have no hesitation to immediately take your front door off its hinges and allow anyone to enter your home.

If you still have a front door for your home, you are a hypocrite.

If you support the Democrat policy to pay the healthcare needs of anyone crossing the border, you will have no problem immediately writing checks for that purpose. If you haven't already reached for your checkbook, you are a hypocrite.

If you voted for President Biden but disagree with paying higher gasoline prices and living with higher crime rates due to defunding the police, then you are not only a hypocrite; but also a fool.

Thanks for taking the test.

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