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  • Rick Hayes

The Inescapable Future of the Republic.

Our form of government provides that citizens are lawfully allowed to vote for any candidate in whom they so choose. This unique system saw millions of Americans vote for whoever they wanted and for an array of reasons.

Millions of Americans voted for Donald Trump to once again be President. They did this, not because they particularly liked the man, although some did, but because they enjoyed the direction in which the country moved.

These Americans appreciated high employment numbers, lower gas prices, more stability in the Middle East, etc.

Then millions of Americans voted for Joe Biden to be President. Not because they particularly liked the man, although some did, but because they did not like Donald Trump.

These Americans were blinded by hate to such an extent that they unknowingly jeopardized their freedoms to satisfy their hatred.

Then, a smaller group of Americans voted for Joe Biden to be President, not because they particularly liked the man, but because they wanted to see the American Republic radically transform into a socialist country.

This smaller group of Americans acted out of ignorance regarding a Constitutional Republic's greatness and, for the most part, were taught an incorrect and distorted view of socialism and its inevitable damage.

Finally, there were those in a much smaller group who wanted Joe Biden as President because they wanted to keep the swamp's business perpetually alive. This small but influential group purchased their way to a corrupt conclusion.

These individuals quickly created an election system loaded with potential problems, even without corruption.

But because President Trump's lead was beyond what they thought it would be, they had to adjust "on the fly," which caused their unlawful actions to become exposed.

Now, Americans who voted for President Trump must decide their next course of action. Some, out of fear, may accept the fraudulent results so that the Republic may survive, even if that means having a fake Republic, a Republic in name only.

These fearful Americans will experience a temporary reprieve. But, America can never be the same. If the stolen election is allowed to stand, from this point on, as long as there is an America, it will be a false country with pretend laws and bogus promises.

True, in the immediate future, there will be less or no violence in the streets. The country will move forward, and Biden will become the 46th President. Perhaps the radical proposed programs of the hard left will not take place, or maybe they will. It doesn't matter. Under such conditions, under the facade of peace, there will always be resentment and distrust.

From the very moment the hijacked election is certified and approved, America will be known as the great lie. A pretend Republic without real morals or real justice. America's statues will look less majestic. Her courts will take on a darker perception, and Her extraordinary history discounted and seen as ultimately a failure.

And those fearful Americans will have the order they crave, the daily routines they depend on, but they will always live in an artificial imitation Republic from which they can never emerge.

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