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  • Rick Hayes

The Liberty Manifesto

American Patriots continue to come under attack by destructive forces vehemently opposed to the American values of free speech, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

It has not only been the rapidity of the attacks but the brazenness of the continual escalation toward anarchy that is causing unrest in the country.

These uncivil forces aim to test the backbone and resolve of society by demanding an ever-increasing list of outrageous nonsense. Absurd demands that under normal circumstances would be immediately dismissed. Unfortunately, intelligent men and women in authority waste countless hours entertaining such foolishness, giving it a level of credibility it does not deserve.

Parents do not have serious discussions with five-year-old children as to the right and wrong aspects of eating garbage.

John Wesley said, "That which we tolerate today, we will embrace tomorrow."

It is an inescapable fact that local progressive governments that appease or agree with the lawlessness we see today are encouraging and paving the way for even greater chaos in the future. This appeasement is evil incarnate, and it is embarrassingly on display for all the world to see.

But shouldn't we be tolerant? The word "tolerance" has been hijacked so that now it has become akin to assisting destructive behavior. When local progressive governments tolerate lawlessness, they deny justice. They exchange one group of victims for another so that now only the political affiliation of the victims change.

Two kinds of appeasers of the violence are now staining the beautiful mosaic across America. Those that covertly agree with the destruction under the guise of First Amendment rights. And then some fear retribution by the left.

Although we can all sympathize with the fears due to the reality of actual reprisals from the left, there should never be sympathy for those that harm other like-minded individuals due to that fear. Entities that both fund dangerous leftist organizations or defund patriotic conservative organizations out of the fear of leftist retaliation should receive no pity for their actions that harm the innocent.

The road leading America to a better place and away from the madness of the left is one paved with zero tolerance of the violence against police, civilians, and property. And the belief in the equality of consequences.

Equality of consequences provides a non-violent approach to protect companies that are singled out and attacked for not following leftist doctrine. This protection would come in the form of additional patronizing of establishments that are boycotted, which would offset the negative economic results. Also, boycotting any former advertisers of television shows who have withdrawn advertising dollars because the shows do not follow the leftist doctrine.

Typically, conservatives and patriots would not participate in these kinds of pitiful tactics, but the game has drastically changed along with what is at stake.

And the results of doing nothing are not pleasant.

These actions are necessary because not only are they non-violent, they produce consequences aimed at countering the typically unchallenged strong-arm tactics of the left.

Thus far, the consequences to American corporations not following a particular political ideology originate solely from the left. The advertising contracts corporations cancel are exclusive to those in disagreement with the left. This cowardly practice by American corporations will continue until there is an offsetting set of consequences.

American Corporations participating in this kind of censorship against conservative shows must be made to feel the sting of the new reality of retribution by those on the right.

The changes happening in the world have accelerated at a pace that is unrecognizable to a majority of Americans. Political changes that once took years now take only a few months. Many conservatives have become satisfied to avoid involvement in a belief that President Trump will win his re-election bid. At the speed at which the left is chalking up victories, November could be lost to conservatives long before the end of the summer.

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