• Rick Hayes

The “Media” is doing a great Job !

The Anger Americans feel regarding the lies and bias they see in the papers and on cable TV is not justified.

True, today's newspapers and cable networks manipulate the truth, manufacture news, and are dishonest as hell. But Americans are angry because they have misidentified what they are seeing and reading. Americans are angry because they expect to find fine French cuisine on the menu of a Japanese restaurant.

Similarly, Americans are foolishly expecting a political propaganda enterprise to somehow report the truth, which will never happen. No matter how many times you encourage or shout at them, pigs are never going to fly.

Americans would be much less angry if they came to see and understand that today's political propaganda enterprises such as CNN, MSNBC, and The New York Times are doing their jobs well. They are doing what they are paid to do, which is to mislead and deceive.

Once the "media" is correctly identified as a propaganda enterprise working exclusively for leftist Democrats, once the American people's vocabulary reflects the realization of that identification and no longer attaches the word "media" to describe these entities, much of today's anger will evaporate.

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