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  • Rick Hayes

The Ultimate and Final Assault on Freedom has Arrived.

Lawyers for President Trump are feverishly crisscrossing the country, spending countless hours painstakingly revealing the mountains of evidence confirming the outrageously bolden theft of the 2020 Presidential election.

And while they follow the law, many of them, along with millions of Americans who voted for Trump, still haven't realized that proof of massive election irregularities, statistical improbabilities, reliable testimony, and video evidence is meaningless. Why?

For two reasons, the nation is first in the middle of a political civil war waged by the radical left, who are heavily engaged in a "winner-take-all" fight where the end justifies the means. And two, vital cases with extraordinary evidence but without any hope of prosecution is an absurd undertaking. The war is being fought in a country with no Department of Justice and no media, and both are needed in a free society seeking justice.

The left is not even slightly interested in fighting this battle within the same system of laws they feel are immoral and need to change. And they are not involved with persuasion or dialogue.

What they can't win by way of a fair contest, they will steal, and what they steal will be ceremoniously praised by their propaganda wing, aka "the media."

While Republicans and Trump supporters act within the civilized framework of regulations and procedures, the left continues to be extreme and shameless in its deception and hypocrisy.

The fake ballots were already printed, forged, and neatly stacked on pallets months in advance of the election. Republican poll watchers were never going to see the falsified count, and the voter software algorithms were already programmed, waiting to spew out a false result favoring Biden.

The 2020 election was already a foregone conclusion, with Biden as the winner. The theft was openly planned in advance and brazenly executed, which is why Biden calmly stayed in his basement while the President took on an exhaustive campaign schedule.

The left does not care how absurd or ridiculous their demands are, and their propaganda wing is not ashamed to get caught in one flagrant lie after another.

Burning down buildings, stealing private property, and assaulting innocent citizens are called peaceful protests. Banning the police is called reimaging law enforcement,

and requiring proof of citizenship in order to vote is considered racist.

What was once regarded as madness is now tolerated because the lunatic left owns the narrative and information distribution.

The Constitution works when followed. The Republic functions when the laws are obeyed. But the left has no use for either, and they know they will never be prosecuted.

The sad reality, thrust upon law-abiding citizens who want to live simple lives, is that the civil war has now come for their vote. It is the ultimate and final assault on freedom.

No battle that has ever taken place in the past 200 years is more critical to protecting liberty and freedom than the election battle of 2020. The radical left has taken an immense gamble that the time for conquest of the Republic has arrived.

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