• Rick Hayes

Three Questions Leading To Truth.

Is it an insignificant event in all of history to steal one election?

Is stealing an election justified and noble if, by doing so, the country is saved from a disastrous future with a horrible leader?

When I see the testimony of voter theft, either made verbally or by affidavit, am I seeing the evidence or immediately discounting the proof because I do not like the potential outcome the evidence might produce?

All theft is wrong, and stealing an election for whatever reason, no matter how noble it may appear, is wrong.

If the 2020 Presidential election was stolen from the rightful winner, all Americans lose. The loss is suffered not just inside the election in question, but every "election" from now on.

The damage done is not contained to any particular group but the country as a whole. Any short-term benefits of the theft will be far outweighed by future lawlessness and "justifiable" theft.

Each American must search their inner motivations to determine why they feel a certain way toward the 2020 Presidential election. The process may be uncomfortable, but it holds the unique opportunity to live freely and experience the truth.

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