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  • Rick Hayes

To American Socialists Wannabes

In the ever-changing U.S. political landscape, there has emerged a strong offshoot on the left calling themselves Democratic Socialists. To be clear, if implemented, the plans and policies of this movement will mark the end of not just The United States as a Constitutional Republic but of human decency. So if that statement seems a bit of an exaggeration consider that according to the left infants that can live outside the womb can now be legally murdered and in some cases have their tiny organs harvested for sale. It sounds more like a disgusting sci-fi horror movie than policy by a political party, but this is what they are selling to the American people.

When contemplating the pros and cons of a socialist system, reflect on the fact that those politicians aspiring the wonderful aspects of socialism have all chosen to live and work for years in a Capitalist country. Why did they all suffer through such a pitiful system, taking only a trifling few million dollars and living in such lavish squalor when their dream of socialist freedom was only a plane ride away? And those hundreds of thousands of people at the southern border risked their lives to travel hundreds of dangerous miles all for a chance to get into a capitalist country having fled countries under socialist rule.

Throughout American history, there has always existed anti-American subversives hell-bent on eliminating the Bill of Rights not because of any moral philosophy but because of their evil nature. The difference today is that those subversives have somehow managed to influence the youth of America so that they don't make the connection between inhumane global policies and the same policies of the left and in particular the Democratic Socialists.

Aside from those wanting to destroy America from within, there are those who truly want to do what seems right but go about it destructively. There is a very wise saying that declares that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Think of that for a minute. Do you mean that doing something based on really good intentions can lead a person into hell or hellish conditions? Doesn't sound fair. However, we see it every day where good people with a desire to help others can create the most lethal form of government hell on the planet.

Take the current immigration crisis as an example. Is there any sane person on either side of the political aisle that genuinely wants to place innocent children in cages? Of course not.

For the vast majority of Americans, caring for children is a significant concern. However, we have seen how the good intentions of wanting to help South American and Mexican families enjoy a better life has produced catastrophic results and have led to thousands of deaths and thousands of children having to spend time in detention centers away from their parents.

By some Democrats having what they think are the good intentions of calling for open borders, free medical and free education for illegals, they have incentivized hundreds of thousands of families from South America to take the perilous trip, via criminal human smuggling enterprises, to the U.S. where they are subject to rape and murder along the way. The moment they illegally cross into America, they have committed a crime, and as with any crime involving children, the children must be separated from the parents while the parents are processed. So, now leftists and Democrats switch to another "good" intention and want to decriminalize crossing a U.S. border so that children are no longer detained away from their parents. The only problem with this solution is that it ushers in a system of automatic amnesty for anyone from anywhere (including trained terrorists) reaching the U.S. border.

According to a June 11, 2019 article in Center For Immigration Studies,

This year more people from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador have tried to enter The United States illegally and were apprehended than living in either of the entire cities of Oakland, CA or Minneapolis, Minn. The increase in the number of illegal immigrants entering the country has put an enormous strain of local municipalities that are overrun and running low on resources. According to a 2017 article in the Federation For American immigration Reform

"At the federal, state, and local levels, taxpayers shell out approximately $134.9 billion to cover the costs incurred by the presence of more than 12.5 million illegal aliens and about 4.2 million citizen children of illegal aliens. That amounts to a tax burden of approximately $8,075 per illegal alien family member and a total of $115,894,597,664."

Socialist Democrats are always speaking, in glowing Robin Hood-like terms, how they are going to take from the rich and distribute to the poor. However, it's an absolute lie, and they know it. It never happens and can never happen that way because the assets of the wealthy are diversified, sheltered and transferable and so they must take, called a tax, from the middle class. Don't believe the history or the statistics? Then believe your own eyes because you can witness the early stages of socialism in cities like New York and Los Angeles where there is a noticeable mass exodus, and it's not the wealthy leaving the cities but the middle class who can't afford the ever-increasing taxes. Also, you can undoubtedly see the explosion of homelessness in the streets in both of those two cities. Homeless sleeping in tents ten feet away from a billionaires mansion is a hallmark image of socialism because socialism destroys the middle class; always has, always will.

And after the cheering ends and the victory banners are put away, it doesn't take long before the pain of socialism is felt. At first, socialism seems like a utopian dream. Students will have their loans erased, and illegal immigrants from around the world will have free education and free medical. Of course, all this comes at the expense of the middle class who will be hit by a mountain of more taxes.

The precise results of a "Democratic Socialist" leadership for young socialist Americans will be shocking. First, the young socialist graduates will inevitably be joining the workforce and the ranks of what remains of the middle-class whose quality of life has been decimated by paying for the "freebies" that everyone else enjoyed. And right behind this first wave of socialist graduates will be another wave also entitled to and receiving freebies that will now be paid for by the first wave who have fewer resources. So it goes until the middle class entirely collapses, which it always does. So thus the next wise statement regarding socialism is that it's great until you run out of other people's money.

The young graduates from the free education system will face a drastic shortage of satisfying employment. There will be no more iPhones or high tech gadgets to enjoy or exotic vacations to take. There will be no sporty cars to drive or unique restaurants to try. Moreover, work doesn't mean freedom; it merely means the ability to continue to serve society. What? The Democrat politicians running for President forgot to tell you this?

Even though the sad saga of every socialist society that has ever existed on the planet has met the same phases of failure, the Democrat Socialist politicians, and professors will deny history and tell you it's either not so or that the failures happened because real socialism was never tried.

There is no such thing as standing out or getting ahead under Democratic Socialist leadership since everyone's value, except the ruling class, is seen as equal. Once it has taken root, it is nearly impossible to immerge out of a socialist system without significant violence. The powerful want to keep their power while the ordinary person eventually sees the hopelessness of their lives. There are ways to effect change from a broken political and corrupt Capitalist system, but socialism certainly isn't one of them.

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