• Rick Hayes

Trump To The Nation - Have No Fear.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself" was a statement made by Franklin D. Roosevelt at his Inaugural Address in 1933.

President Donald Trump echoed that same sentiment some 87 years later, after his brief stay at Walter Reed medical center for treatment of the COVID-19 virus.

The phrase "fear not" is used more than 80 times throughout the Bible because it is such a destroyer of life and happiness. Fear is such an important fact of life that according to the Bible, the opposite of Love is not hate but fear.

When President Trump told the American people not to fear COVID-19, he was not talking about taking the virus lightly or not giving the deadly pandemic a justifiable amount of respect.

The President was talking about living without the debilitating effects of fear. He conveyed a life-affirming understanding celebrated in both eastern and western philosophies that a person should not add a separate element of fear to any challenging situation they are facing.

The President understands that fear of COVID-19 is not a motivating force that will move people to improve their lives. On the contrary, fear usually takes on a life of its own, causes people to have poor judgments, and often exacerbates the original problem.

Many local leaders and politicians are operating on a political agenda and subsequently urging and directing people to act based on a heightened sense of fear. In such cases, as is seen throughout the country, there are no limits to which a fearful group of people will go to combat COVID-19.

It is a sad reality that fear of COVID-19 has destroyed many more lives than the disease itself.

In his statement to the American people about not fearing COVID-19, the President, in his role as the nation's leader, shows Americans how to overcome an unnecessary pandemic consequence.

Far from discounting the disease's seriousness, he is urging all Americans to put the condition into perspective. To understand that although the illness is a real threat, it should not be feared. And it should not stop Americans from living, experiencing, and enjoying life.

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