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Two Questions For The 9/11 Truth.

To grasp the reality as to why, after 21 years, so many Americans still do not trust the official explanation of 9/11 is as straightforward or as complicated as answering or explaining one of two critical questions below. Of course, the vastness of 9/11 can never be fully explained by any one question, but to understand why the conspiracy theories continue to exist, consider the questions from a “Truthers” perspective.

One potential pitfall that should be understood when looking at the two critical questions is that one’s position regarding 9/11 rarely relies solely on facts. There is almost always a significant component centered on emotions.

Humans want to feel safe and hold on to a worldview consistent with their inner beliefs.

Dorothy Lorig, Counseling Psychologist, mentions that the trust we give to our parents as children is, in many ways, carried over to our government or others in authority when we become adults. Our worldview may reflect that our government, like our parents, is there to protect and defend us and would never lie or hurt us.

The idea that even a small group of renegade members inside the U.S. government could have been responsible for the events of 9/11 is a thought beyond what many Americans can entertain.

Clinical Psychologist Robert Hopper Ph.D. emphasized that denial is the most common defense to kick in when the beliefs regarding our country are challenged and that this denial protects us from the emotions of fear and anxiety.

If one can accept that evil exists in every culture, the chance of seeing the truth dramatically increases. A chain is as strong as its weakest link. What DID NOT happen on 9/11 is as essential to know as what did happen.

The first question is regarding nano-thermite and why it is significant in the 9/11 tragedy. What is nano-thermite? Was nano-thermite found in the dust at ground zero, and if so, what explains its presence?

Directly across from World Trade Center Tower Two was the apartment of Janette McKinlay, who was there with her friend on 9/11. McKinlay recalled as the 110-story South Tower collapsed, a 50-mile-per-hour wall of hot ash blasted through her windows and engulfed her apartment. Later, as the cleaning commenced, she realized the historical nature of what had happened and the immediate controversy surrounding what might have caused the collapse, so McKinlay decided to save some of the dust that day. Years later, some friends of McKinlay said they knew of a scientist that might take a look at what she had saved.

It was June of 2007 when Dr. Steven Jones, who has a Ph.D. in physics, obtained a sample of the dust that McKinlay saved from her apartment. After using an electron microscope and seeing several interesting colored chips, Jones got an uncontaminated sample by breaking one of the chips and testing the inside to identify its components.

Regular thermite was invented in 1893 and is used today as an incendiary.

Jones and other scientists he was working with realized that what they had uncovered from the World Trade Center dust was nano-thermite. An advanced engineered and energetic military grade explosive or incendiary used in weaponry but also formed into a shaped charge much like C-4 for demolition purposes.

Many people speculated that the chips were identified as being primer paint used in the WTC. According to NIST (The National Institute of Standards and Technology), the primer paint contained significant levels of zinc, chromium, and magnesium. Jones proved that the red/grey chips were not WTC paint because the samples had no zinc, chromium, or magnesium but did contain iron, oxygen, aluminum, carbon, silicon, and potassium. In addition, the red/grey chips were highly explosive.

Scientists, including Jones, wanted NIST to conduct their own studies on the chips, but even today, NIST has refused to look for explosives in WTC dust samples.

So the evidence is clear that nano-thermite was abundant in the WTC dust, yet NIST refuses to examine this evidence 21 years later. Why?

Tomorrow, TDH will publish what many consider the most important event that happened on 9/11 and is the “smoking gun,” refuting the official story.

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