• Rick Hayes

Unifying The Country By Reviling The Unvaccinated.

By Rick Hayes

Biden has fulfilled his promise of being a unifier, but it comes with a high cost and a tie to a history the world would rather forget.

The Biden Administration has steadily escalated punitive measures against the unvaccinated. The stated intention is to have 100% of the American people vaccinated, which has cleverly become synonymous with "safe."

The media and the Biden Administration have saturated the airwaves with the message that it is a patriotic duty that everyone must become vaccinated. Those Americans who care about their fellow countrymen must receive the "the shot." If one extrapolates this point, it stands to reason that the unvaccinated do not care about their fellow countrymen.

The media and the Biden Administration have demonized the term "unvaccinated." This label has been placed on people to define them as imminent threats to society. They are menaces that want to harm other Americans because they are politically motivated or incurably unwise.

Once individuals are labeled as unvaccinated, they are forcibly removed from society through laws and restrictions. The unvaccinated can no longer enjoy the pleasures of society, can no longer find or hold employment. They are seen as the untouchables who are vilified.

The next step for the unvaccinated will be forced vaccination. Individuals will be rounded up and pushed to get the vaccine or be imprisoned for an indefinite period.

According to the administration, this will ensure that society is no longer exposed to the danger the unvaccinated produce. With severe measures such as solitary confinement, many unvaccinated will see the light and will submit.

In any event, with a steady flow of propaganda, today, many Americans are becoming more impatient with the unvaccinated as the media blames them for many of society's ills.

Biden's leftist handlers are cunningly "unifying" the country at the expense of freedom and liberty. Forced vaccinations may soon be a reality, but they can only occur when Americans capitulate their birthrights to the Constitution.

Many of the above steps have already been implemented. But most Americans have no idea that the imprisonment of the unvaccinated will become a reality if sanity does not quickly return to this country.

The above step-by-step procedures were aimed at unifying another country by vilifying a common enemy to be feared. The Biden Administration's steps against the unvaccinated are nearly identical to those documented by controversial Holocaust historian Raul Hilberg.

Of course, there has been no mention by the Biden Administration of exterminating the unvaccinated. But the purposeful dividing of Americans and the quick escalation of penalities to a conceived scapegoat is uncanny when comparing the start of the Holocaust and the forced vaccination of a nation.

Vilification of the unvaccinated serves many purposes. It gives Americans a sense of unification, even if based on a false pretense. It perpetuates the illusion that vaccines alone hold the answer to the pandemic and distracts Americans' attention away from the anti-American, socialist agenda of the Biden Administration.

In the end, Hilberg believed all Germans bore the responsibility for the Holocaust - and that the Jews did little to defend themselves.

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