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  • Rick Hayes

Way Beyond Bias.

When we think of the last four years of political chaos and civil unrest, is there one particular entity that seems to stand out as the cause?

For many, the list of prime suspects might include BLM, KKK, the far-right, the far-left, illegal aliens, ANTIFA, and maybe a few Congress members.

For America to have experienced this level of turmoil, this fast with anarchy reaching nearly every aspect of daily life, it should come as no surprise that it would take a lot of power and influence to be accountable for all of it.

Who or what could be so influential they could manipulate all of the riots currently burning down American cities or intensify inner-city conflicts resulting in hundreds of black men being murdered by other black men? Who has the power to do all of that?

There is only one entity on the planet that can wield such power as to be able to influence the perception of the American people, Wall Street, and Presidental elections, and that's the media.

The Founding Fathers knew the importance of having an independent and free press. They granted the media with certain powers, such as reporting news or circulating opinions without government censorship. Freedom of the press is protected by the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and because of this, it is supposed to be above politics.

But when the media loses its vocation, as is the case in The United States, and becomes biased in its reporting, it must inherit all of the destruction and harm that it has sown.

But Media bias is more than just being one-sided, untruthful, or unfair to certain groups; it has real life and death consequences and creates instability in society.

The media has far-reaching control, which is why it is used every day by advertisers to influence sales. It's also used by politicians to influence votes because it has the power to persuade and to change the way people act.

We don't immediately think of CNN, MSNBC, or The New York Times when it comes to contributing to the murder rate, riots, or impeachment process, but we should.

For several months, many Americans were unaware that the country was experiencing explosive rioting. Instead, because of media bias, they believed what was occurring was peaceful protests.

The Democrat propaganda media machine did not cover the catastrophic reality of average Americans or police officers being attacked. It was a political decision that had deadly consequences.

Because the media ignored these violent incidents, they were allowed to continue and escalate under Democrat mayors and governors. It translated into more buildings being torched, more police being injured, and more Americans being beaten and killed.

Even with the occasional video surfacing that showed innocent citizens being beaten and robbed and establishments being ransacked and looted,

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Democrat Jerry Nadler didn't just downplay the violence; he called it a "myth." And the biased media, through its silence, showed its support of that absurd statement.

For days, many Americans had no idea that six blocks of an American city was violently overtaken by a mob and renamed CHAZ, "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone."

Besides the biased media remaining silent, Seattle's' Democrat Mayor Jenny Durkan denied the reality that citizens were being beaten and held against their will. She also said that CHAZ had a "block party atmosphere" and was experiencing the "Summer of Love."

She knew she would get away with such nonsensical rhetoric because being a Democrat; the propaganda media machine would step in and back her up. Which of course it did, and more Americans died because of it.

Nadler and Durkan's insane response to the carnage is understandable because, as soulless members of the left, lies are just part of an overall strategy to hold power.

All of the homes and businesses lost to fire, all of the injuries to the innocent, and the indiscriminate killings are not a consequence of America not having an ethical and honest media. They result from America having an unethical and dishonest propaganda media machine that caters to the Democrat Party.

According to Media Research Center news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro, the mainstream media looked the other way regarding the riots in CHAZ. "It has been days since this nonsense had started and the broadcast networks -- ABC, CBS, and NBC -- have kept it off the air," Fondacaro wrote.

And when the President offered assistance to the charred and broken Democratically-run cities, his recommendations were met with hostility. Durkan ridiculed and rebuked the President for saying he was considering sending help and told him to stay away.

With the expansion of social media, even the deceitfully powerful mainstream media couldn't keep many Americans in the dark. Eventually, many video clips emerged, clearly showing explicit images of smashing windows, burning cars, and rioters running through the streets with bats.

It forced the propaganda media machine to consider the political fallout when Americans realized the riots' existence. No longer could the riots be reported by the media as peaceful protests.

And without missing a beat, the propaganda machine pivoted, and along with finally acknowledging the riots' existence, it started blaming them on the President. And why not? Propaganda works.

The reality of the existence of the riots didn't change. What changed was the propaganda narrative.

In only a few short weeks, Americans who believed the media propaganda that the riots didn't exist now unquestioningly accepted the medias' propaganda position that the riots not only existed but were caused by President Trump.

It is disturbing to think about how so many Americans were so easily manipulated. But what these Americans should be asking themselves now is how did it all change so fast. How has it come to be that all of the media's early reports that the protests were peaceful suddenly took a 180-degree turn and were now seen as riots?

And how could the media pin the blame of the riots on a Republican President when 100% of the riots occurred in decades-old Democrat city strongholds, where all the mayors and governors are Democrats?

Americans need to see the abundantly clear evidence that the mainstream media was shoveling out propaganda myths for the Democrat Party and to see that there are no innocent lies with a bias media. In the case of the recent riots, the dishonesty went far beyond politics and became very deadly.

Look at any one of the dozens of wholesale crimes by Democrats over the past four years, and you will be able to trace the promotion, escalation, and coverup directly to the fraudulent propaganda media.

Americans should know by now that if investigated, a majority of what ails America is a direct result of the lies and manipulation of the unholy alliance between the Democrat Party and the propaganda media machine.

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