• Rick Hayes

What Are We Looking For?

By Rick Hayes

Republicans, Democrats, those on the far right and far left are all searching for something. Should we pass more laws, win more elections, place more judges on the courts to get what we want?

That depends on what it is that we want. If we want more power, passing more laws, winning more elections, and placing more judges on the courts is the road to take. And how much power do we want? Is there ever enough power? History always shows us that those who have obtained wealth, fame, and power always want more.

In the 1948 movie Key Largo, where gangster Johnny Rocco played by Edward G. Robinson, responds to what he ultimately wants with the answer "more." Hence, it seems that the acquiring of power by politicians today does not satisfy that desire for more power; it only increases it.

Did it ever occur to these men and women in Washington that they could acquire all the power in the world and still be searching for something?

Did it ever occur to these men and women in Washington that what they are looking for cannot be found with power or money?

And is there a way that people, not only politicians but all people, can know what they are looking for?

There is, and you don't need intelligence, strength, or youth to find out. You don't need to acquire anything. What you "need" is awareness. So simple yet so hard.

Through awareness, what eludes people is made clear. If all our politicians were aware, our border crisis would disappear. Our elections would be fair, and our crime rates would diminish.

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