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What Barr Will Find

To get a complete picture of the genesis and motive behind the FISA Court/Steel Dossier crime, investigations must begin with the precursor which is the Hillary Clinton private server crime.

So, after it was discovered that Presidental candidate Hillary Clinton had a previously unknown private server at her home for the entire time she was Secretary of State an investigation was commenced. Several months later former Director of the F.B.I., James Comey, announced that the investigation had concluded and that no recommendation to indict Clinton was forthcoming. The Senate then questioned Comey on how he reached his conclusion.

When asked by Former senator Trey Gowdy if Secretary Clinton was telling the truth when she said she never sent or received classified information over her private email account Comey stated that she was not telling the truth. When asked if the statements Clinton made that emails she received were not marked classified, that she used only one device and that all work-related emails were turned over to the State Department, Comey again responded that she was not telling the truth.

Comey agreed with Gowdy that Clinton's false exculpatory statements would generally be used to prove, "consciousness of guilt" as well as evidence of intent in criminal prosecution. He further agreed that Clinton's destruction of evidence, erasing files and having devices smashed that held evidentiary files would also be used as evidence of intent. However, in his conclusion, he stated that he saw no intent on the part of Clinton regarding exposing hundreds if not thousands of classified documents while operating her private email server.

With that outrageously bizarre conclusion, Comey might just as well have told Gowdy and the room of Senators that Clinton had already been chosen, by President Obama and the deep state to be the 45th President. That in order for the deep state to continue its unimpeded illegal activity, as well as paving the way for enormous amounts of money to flow into the Clinton Foundation, Hillary needed to be the next President. Inconsequential items such as putting American lives and the safety of the nation at risk was not going to get in the way of that reality. He just never actually said the words.

Knowing that Secretary Clinton erased classified documents, concealed documents, destroyed documents and was said to have been extremely careless at her job, former President Obama stated that Clinton was the most competent, qualified person to be President since Thomas Jefferson. He had to say that because he and Hillary were joined at the hip regarding illegally hidden information, they both shared on her private server. Obama knew a Hillary Presidency meant the mountain of illegal activity inside his administration such as "Fast and Furious or the I.R.S. scandal" would be buried forever.

The outrageous exoneration of Clinton throws a thousand beacons of light on the motive for the framing of Donald Trump. With the end game having Clinton as the next President exposed, Barr will have all the pieces needed to form a full picture of how the coup against a United States President developed.

The Clinton private server crime is intimately connected to the FISA court crime. The formally unknown and silent F.B.I. agents involved in Clinton's private server investigation will now be able to speak for the first time about their assessment of the investigation. Barr will now have access to any email conversations between Comey, and former Attorney General Loretta Lynch concerning her unprecedented sight-unseen agreeing with the F.B.I.'s final recommendations regarding Clinton.

Knowing something is true and proving something is true are two completely different things. Also, Barr will now be able to prove that Christopher Steele who was a former MI6 British intelligence operative with hatred for Trump was hired by Fusion G.P.S. and authored the dossier which was paid for by Hillary Clinton.

American citizens do not like to be spied upon by the F.B.I. so the FISA application procedure is meant to have many layers of verification and approval. As for the Steele dossier, The F.B.I. would have had to gather evidence to support a claim that the subject of the dossier was knowingly working on behalf of a foreign entity. In this case the F.B.I. declared that it determined the claim was substantiated and so an affidavit stating the grounds for the FISA warrant along with the dossier was added to the completed FISA application and sent through the F.B.I.'s chain of command where it was approved.

The next stop for the Steele dossier would have been the attorneys from the National Security Division of the Justice Department where the evidence should have been scrutinized and verified. If any part of the evidence seemed weak, the dossier would have been sent back to the F.B.I. for further evidentiary support. In this case, the D.O.J. made the determination that the dossier met all the required standards and so a lawyer from D.O.J. took the FISA application and the dossier to the FISA court which then decided (after it initially rejected the first application) to approve the FISA warrant.

What Barr will uncover is clear proof that the F.B.I. and D.O.J. made a mockery of the FISA procedure and that everyone connected with the Steele dossier, not only knew the report was pure fiction but neglected to share that information, as required, with the FISA court before requesting the warrant.

Also, a news article was used as independent corroboration of the Steele dossier but was found to be a piece worked on by a news organization having a connection with Steele.

Since the FISA application renewed three times, each after a period of 90 days as required by law, Barr can confirm that Comey, former Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, and former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, signed off on the application renewals and therefore lied to the FISA court. Their actions were nothing less than severe governmental abuse of power as well as violating civil liberties.

The fraudulent FISA court crime will lead Barr directly to several other crimes including the unmasking of various Trump aids by then Obama national security adviser Susan Rice, and former Obama Director of National Intelligence James Clapper detailed in a July 2018 publication of The Hill.

Until now the evidence showing what was known and when it was known regarding the FISA warrant and F.B.I. spying was never officially investigated. Barr will now be able to prove the critical timeline which is contained in the previously classified email exchanges between F.B.I. investigators and D.O.J. lawyers.

A May 2019 Washington Examinerarticle mentions Stefan Halper who served as an informant to the F.B.I. and his assistant, Azra Turk and their overt interaction with Trump aid George Papadopoulos. An April 2019 piece in The Federalistcovers the speculation that Papadopoulos may have been set up by the F.B.I. using Joseph Mifsud, a London-based professor with ties to Russia stating, "Papadopoulos's introduction to Joseph Mifsud—the source of the "Russia has Hillary's emails" tip that purportedly prompted the F.B.I. to launch an investigation into the Trump campaign—was arranged mere days after Papadopoulos announced he was joining the Trump campaign." Now Barr will learn the timeline of any connections of both Halper and Mifsud to the F.B.I. and what role both men played about the spying on and entrapment of Papodapilous.

By illegally and aggressively attacking President Trump, with every conceivable shameful and shocking tactic, the deep state swamp opened itself up to a counterattack by a scholar of counterattacks. The American people have seen the unprecedented evil that was launched against a duly elected President. The kind of despicable actions that demand long prison terms in order to send a clear message that a coup against the government will not be tolerated and that the rule of law is the binding force keeping this great Republic moving forward. Anything less would signal a complete collapse of the rule of law and that justice in America is a myth.

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