• Rick Hayes

What Did 80 Million Americans Vote For?

The "honest" media has been telling the tale of how 80 million Americans voted for Joe Biden to be the next President.

Exactly what did these millions of voters expect from a Biden administration?

Let's first consider that 80 million Americans who allegedly cast their vote for Biden really can't know a whole heck of a lot about what to expect since Biden never gave any meaningful press conferences during his campaign.

Aside from asking what flavor milkshake he ordered less than one month before the election while in Durham, NC, the media never bothered to ask about any of his foreign or domestic policies. So the reason for the record-breaking election totals must stem back to what Biden said during the Democrat primaries.

Let's take a look at two critical states at the center of the fraudulent election dispute that the media told us went for Biden. In 2018, Pennsylvania was the third-largest coal-producing state in the nation. Coal along with natural gas, and oil, all held a greater share of overall US energy production in 2019 than renewables, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA).

And Biden made it clear that he was getting rid of fossil fuels in favor of renewables.

Based on Biden's position to eliminate coal, the election results tell us that the Biden voters in Pennsylvania elected a man who will devastate one of their States' primary income sources over the next fifteen years. Why would they do that?

What about Arizona? When Joe Biden was Vice President, Arizona's border cities were in a crisis and overwhelmed with illegal immigrants. All that changed when Trump became President. According to a Feb. 2020 article in Chamber Business News,

"Everything has calmed down completely," said Nogales, Arizona Mayor Arturo Garino. "Almost everybody is being processed in Mexico." The article stated that "Under threat from the Trump administration, Mexico agreed to stem the flow of migrants."

Biden said that his plan would provide health coverage for illegal immigrants, stop constructing the border wall, and raise the immigration limits.

When Biden takes office, Arizona will once again witness a huge invasion of immigrant caravans coming up from South America and Mexico.

So Biden voters in Arizona voted to reinstate the Obama policies that crushed them economically and decreased their quality of life. Why would they do that?

Why would Pennsylvania and Arizona vote for a candidate whose limited stated policies would clearly wreck their economies? Well, maybe they didn't.

Perhaps the mountain of evidence pointing to the greatest theft in Presidential election history is real and should have been seen by every American citizen. Maybe the Supreme Court should have taken up the case involving Art. II, Sec. 1, Cl. 2 where state officials conducted unconstitutional acts and changed voting procedures.

In many respects, this cowardly act by the conservative members of the Supreme Court has ended their input on future decisions. There will soon be several liberal justices added nullifying any real liberal agenda challenge.

There was never a truer statement than the one recently made by a guest of Fox's Tucker Carlson's show where it was said, "The Left owns the system." Nothing explains the 2020 Presidential election better than that statement and nothing can change the fact that 74 million Americans will forever feel victimized and cheated.

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