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  • Rick Hayes

What Do You Have To Lose?

Updated: Nov 27, 2020

The left is famous for ignoring the law. Hillary, Comey, and Biden are perfect examples of unapologetically tossing away any pretense that laws matter.

And because the left has no respect for the law, the United States is on the verge of having the first Presidental election in history stolen from the American voter's hands.

So significant are the consequences that anti-American forces normally acting behind the scenes are out in the open, flagrantly telegraphing their future moves to finally overthrow the Trump administration.

Americans are deluged day in and day out that the election is over. Says who, the propaganda forces that help steal the election? Americans are well aware that currently, Joe Biden is ahead in the current election count; the American people can see the numbers.

What Americans are saying is that the numbers are fake. The numbers do not add up to reality. A reality that saw one candidate draw tens of thousands of voters at multiple events while the other candidate couldn't muster up more than 300 even with help from Obama and Bon Jovi.

A reality that saw one candidate inspire grass-roots flotillas and 90 mile long caravans while the other candidate generated more followers from the opposition than supporters.

The propaganda networks are no longer concerned with optics and have exposed their extreme bias against President Trump and the United States Constitution.

And now Americans are instructed by the propaganda wing of the Democrat party to hold hands and move forward. Really?

Americans who disagree with a fraudulent election are now being shamed into accepting the theft from the same Propaganda networks that spent over 26 thousand hours in over 1,095 days questioning the legitimacy of the 2016 election.

Scolded by Propaganda networks that didn't ask one question regarding Biden's foreign policy or son Hunter's 1.5 billion investment gift from China.

Browbeaded by the propaganda networks that mistreated the highly available and transparent Trump administration and yet were filled with unrestricted exuberance with a Presidential candidate that never emerged from his basement.

Is it possible to show less interest in looking into the glaring irregularities or mathematically implausible results than Leftist Democrats such as N.Y. Senator Charles Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi?

And what if free-loving Americans decide not to conform? What if 73 million-plus Americans refuse to move forward, refuse to be lied to, refuse to have their votes tossed in the trash? Using one of President Trumps' messages to the black community back in the 2016 election run - "What Do You Have To Lose?"

Do Americans risk losing their safety, their assets, or the Republic? Those things are already dead and gone if a stolen election is allowed to stand.

What is certain is that Americans will lose their right to defend themselves. They will lose the right to think and speak freely, and the right to have their votes mean something.

If America doesn't take a stand now and demand a complete audit of every aspect of the 2020 election, it will never stand again. Everything from this point on is meaningless if legally cast American votes do not count.

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