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  • Rick Hayes

What Does The Crystal Ball Say Regarding The American Coup and the Upcoming 2020 Election?

Some situations are complicated, while others are not. Do we wear a mask, or do we not wear a mask? Was the lockdown worth the economic shutdown? Should we take Remdesivir or hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin? All legitimate questions with multiple interpretations and solutions. It's a rare situation that a result is sure to occur when a previous action takes place, but thank goodness we have one in our future. A perfect example is the known result if Attorney General Barr and John Durham cannot bring Comey, McCabe, and Strzok to justice for attempting to overthrow the United States government; a Democrat will be the 46th President. And if Joe Biden takes the oath of office, not only will the swamp rise again, but it will also be deeper and darker than before. Based on Biden's own words and positions taken, we know that illegal border crossings will be decriminalized. Detention facilities for illegal immigrants will be closed and that all those entering the country illegally will immediately receive healthcare coverage paid for by the American taxpayer. We know that Biden's selection to help run the country's gun control laws will be Beto O'Rourke, who was the former Presidential candidate who said on stage, "Hell, yes, we're going to take your AR-15, your AK-47." And it was O'Rourke who pledged to tear down the border fence now being built by President Trump. We know that the deep state, those that orchestrated the attempted coup, will be more powerful than ever before. Also, those people loyal to President Trump will be banished from serving in public office. At the same time, all investigations into the activities of Representative, Ilhan Omar, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden's son will vanish as quickly as Clinton's subpoenaed emails. Biden's obviously deteriorating mental capacity has many leftist radicals in Washington, salivating on potentially steamrolling the "Green New Deal" down the throats of Americans. There is not enough space in this article to sufficiently address the calamity and unmitigated disaster the Green New Deal will have on the country. Along with having a forgetful, leftist at the helm, there are other significant fallouts by not prosecuting the swamp rats responsible for flagrant criminal subversive activity. It will be the end of any legal remedies against future crimes by leftist radicals toward the U.S. Constitution, of which there will be many. Not prosecuting the dangerous treasonist actions by the heads of our nation's law enforcement community spells nothing less than an open invitation for swamp creatures to slaughter the rule of law at levels not previously seen in this country.

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