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  • Rick Hayes

White, Asian, and Hispanic Men Need Not Apply.

By Rick Hayes

Insanity is quickly becoming the norm.

We will be a greater nation once we elect a redheaded transgender little person to the Supreme Court. Until such time, we will always be considered a transphobic, follicle bigoted, and size-biased nation. If the above fictitious criteria for a Supreme Court nominee sound crazy, it's not far removed from the standards required for the actual current nominee.

When President Biden promised during the 2020 presidential campaign that he would nominate a black woman to the Supreme Court, it signified how insane and destructive progressivism is.

The nomination of Supreme Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the highest court based on her skin color and gender signifies the lowest point of Supreme Court history since 1789.

Regardless of her positions that run counter to a civilized society, Judge Jackson was born with a vagina which immediately disqualified half of all Americans. The other qualification that she possessed was that she wasn't White, Asian, or Hispanic, which eliminated 88% of Americans.

With this in mind, the confirmation hearing should be the fastest in history. The only pertinent considerations should be proof of gender and race. There aren't any questions that can be asked of Jackson other than, "Are you a black woman?"

All Jackson needs to provide to the Senate is her birth certificate which should have all the necessary information since gender classification is temporarily still required.

Let's hope that Biden sees fit to select the next Supreme Court nominee based on shoe size and hair color.

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