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Who Is Responsible?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

By Rick Hayes

The blame game never works, especially when the wrong party is being blamed.

According to a July 6th Chicago Sun-Times article, Chicago reported 2,000 shootings so far in 2021. By any measure, Chicago residents live in a shooting gallery, a virtual war zone. And now everyone seems to be pointing the finger of blame at Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot for the horrendous conditions. But Lightfoot should not be the focal point as to why it is safer in Afganistan than in the streets of Chicago.

New York and California are witnessing a mass exodus due to rampant homelessness, fewer police resources, and a surge in violent crime. And again, everyone is looking to blame NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and California Governor Gavin Newsom. But these politicians are not the main reason those states are in such a chaotic mess.

In the same way, Democrats that run 9 out of the top 10 cities leading the country in homicides are not to blame; Lightfoot, de Blasio, Cuomo, and Newsom are not to blame. These Democrats are who they have always been. Soft on crime, tough on law enforcement, and foolish with tax-payer money.

Although not the most satisfactory answer that explains the bloodshed, the precise cause and responsibility must fall squarely on the shoulders of the citizens who voted these leaders into office.

Elections are at the core of our system of government. The outcome of those elections paves the way for the kind of life citizens will experience for the terms of those elected to office.

The power and the ultimate responsibility reside with the individual voter. Democrats have not improved the lives of their supporters in over fifty years. It is easy to see the historical poverty and high crime rates Democrats bring to those who elect them. And yet, they and their failed policies are re-elected.

There may be no better explanation voters knowingly select leaders that harm their community other than accepting some kind of trade-off.

It sadly appears that Democrat voters in these war-torn towns have made a calculated decision which is to tolerate a certain amount of murder and bloodshed in exchange for Democrat policies such as government entitlements.

It explains why year after year, Democrats miserably fail the citizens who voted for them. And year after year, those same citizens harmed by Democrat programs continue to vote Democrat. Entitlements are addictive, and once hooked, it is hard to break free.

One problem with this deadly arrangement is that those who did not compromise freebies for violence are caught in the crossfire. And when they voice their concerns, they are ridiculed and called racists by the Democrat propaganda media. So these frightened and voiceless citizens are left with the only available option, which is to pull up stakes and head to new lands.

Left in the wake of the extensive departure out of Democrat-run cities are a much smaller tax base, higher taxes on those that have temporarily decided to stick it out, and violent crimes shifting into formerly lower crime neighborhoods.

If Chicago voters did not elect Lightfoot and instead voted for a crime prevention conservative, they would suffer a reduction in entitlements, but they would realize a reduction in crime as well.

If New York voters did not elect Cuomo three times and de Blasio twice, there would be fewer entitlements but less homelessness, fewer criminals released without bail, and lower taxes.

The addiction aspect seems to shift voting allegiance toward any politician promising stuff for free. Democrat voters continue to seek the impossible by embracing Democrat politicians who perpetuate the welfare state but try to avoid the lawlessness and carnage that accompanies Democrat leadership. You can't drink to excess and yet get angry when you eventually get the hangover.

And as sure as Monday follows Sunday, those in the inner cities addicted to Democrat gifts will again vote Democrat, and Democrats will undoubtedly avoid mentioning their failed policies and blame everything from guns, racism, and law enforcement as the cause of the ensuing misery.

If only there were a twelve-step program for the addiction to entitlements, Chicago, St. Louis, and Detroit would find themselves living lives with meaning and a sense of self-worth. Free to live in safer neighborhoods, free to benefit from a life-affirming family unit, and free to see their children live happy and fulfilled lives. And it all starts with tough choices.

(c) Rick Hayes. 7/2021

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