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  • Rick Hayes

No Media = No Freedom

Deception happens when a lie is told, and when the truth is withheld. - Rick Hayes

The mountain of factual information not known by at least half of all Americans is staggering.

Nearly all of the pain the United States is now experiencing can be traced back to having no legitimate and impartial media. Americans have no way of knowing what the truth is, what the facts are, and who is responsible.

A coup attempt against a duly elected President actually happened in this country, and yet it was not reported in the news so many Americans don't believe it happened. The IRS actually targeted Americans based on their political beliefs, and of course, since it was not truthfully reported, many Americans also don't believe that happened.

Countless lawless incidents were allowed to occur, and many Americans lost their lives all because the United States does not have an honest media, which is an essential part of a free society.

Media involved in spreading propaganda has been a global problem throughout history and it never ends with a good result. The propaganda is seldom aimed at manipulating the wealthy or powerful but is always targeted against ordinary citizens to benefit the well connected and powerful seeking to control and acquire more wealth.

In such cases, civil unrest and riots are inevitable.

Societies are vulnerable to coup attempts and takeovers because the propaganda used usually pits one segment of society against another. And while the two factions face off against each other, the powerful puppet masters behind the scenes collect their winnings.

Today, The United States has an affluent and highly motivated collection of companies in the communication business disseminating propaganda. Many Americans falsely identify this group as America's mainstream media when in reality, they are a large propaganda network whose goals are indistinguishable from those of the Democrat party.

American society, even those members benefiting from the propaganda, needs to confront and counter these deceptions being distributed. Propaganda is extremely dangerous because, in nearly every case, the entire society suffers. Today's benefactor is tomorrow's victim.

Since words matter and are influential, anytime this propaganda network is referred to as the "media mob" or "fake news," it gives the average citizen the impression that they are somehow a real member of the media only they are operating improperly. However, propaganda networks have nothing to do with disseminating facts or truth.

And connecting the words "media" and "news" to them when discussing their deceptive falsehoods, elevates this deceitful crime ring to a level of respect it does not deserve.

It would be more accurate to call today's collective propaganda entities the Democrat Propaganda Networks or Dempnets since their biased reporting promotes whatever the leaders in the Democrat party are selling no matter how absurd it is.

Eliminate America's borders? Great idea, says the Dempnets. Abolish the Police and eliminate prisons? An excellent plan the headlines read. No extreme position is too insane or off limits, and if repeated enough times, it becomes more of a reality.

The only constant about the history of propaganda networks is that they are always against hardworking, God-fearing people. Because Dempnets in America exist, truth and facts do not exist for many Americans.

Today's Dempnets are dangerous to everyone on both sides of the aisle. When you silence citizens, manufacture fake news, and praise policies that destroy lives, you create an environment where people will never trust or work together.

In short, propaganda networks like today's Dempnets work to divide a nation. A divided country is a weak nation susceptible to being manipulated and taken advantage of by the rich and powerful.

Young Americans will protest, riot, and tragically die for a fraudulent cause they would never have supported had they'd known the truth.

(c) R. Hayes 8/2020

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