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  • Rick Hayes

Why Ferguson matters in this election.

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

On August 9, 2014, in Ferguson, Missouri, the media reported that a young man, Michael Brown, was senselessly gunned down by a white cop, even though the 18-year-old pleaded for his life with his hands held up high above his head. The motto "Hands up don't shoot." was born.

Any rational, morally healthy person on the planet would be outraged if such a story were true. For weeks, the mainstream media and Democrat politicians, along with black community leaders, repeated the horrible details of Brown's cold-blooded execution.

Riots ensued, property was destroyed, and people were assaulted. However, as the days went by, more and more forensic evidence surfaced that painted an entirely different picture of the deadly encounter than was being sounded by Democrat politicians and echoed by the media.

Instead of innocently walking on the sidewalk with his friends, Brown was reported to have been walking in the middle of the street, and video evidence showed he was fresh from the scene of assaulting a store owner and robbing the convenience store only a few minutes before.

Eye witness testimony and ballistic evidence shown to the grand jury disagreed with the Democrat media's version of Brown being shot execution-style.

According to all of the witnesses determined to be credible, Brown was seen wrestling Police Officer Darren Wilson for the officers' service revolver while the two men were inside the officers' patrol vehicle.

An F.B.I. investigation found that Brown's body's fatal wounds supported the eyewitness testimony that Brown was later shot while attempting to rush the officer. But that didn't stop the Democrats or the corrupt media from continuing the hands up don't shoot lie.

Although the death of Michael Brown is a tragedy, there is perhaps a golden opportunity offered to the entire African American community.

Instead of listening to the urgings of self-serving black community leaders and the fake media for revenge with its additional destruction and misery, the black community can become awakened by the truth that starts with a question.

Why would any authentic media source or political community leader continually spin a false narrative they knew was an outright lie? What could possibly be in their interest to see a community torn apart over something that never happened?

A once-lucrative enterprise run by traditional organized crime was the extortion of local businesses where businesses would be forced to pay "protection money" each month to local criminals. In reality, organized crime members protected businesses from the damage they would commit if the money weren't promptly paid.

Fear of what might happen to their businesses if the protection money wasn't paid on time kept the extortion scheme alive for many years. Companies were receiving nothing in return for their hard-earned money, but they kept shelling out the cash month after month and year after year all because of fear of a precarious future.

Similarly, just as criminal thugs did to business owners, the black community is being extorted by the Democrat Party. They are receiving absolutely nothing in return for their votes and support of Democrat party candidates. And it's been the fake media's job to continually generate fear in the black community by frequently publishing and broadcasting lies and distortions about systemic racism and the false accounts of the everyday killing of blacks by racist police.

Both traditional crime organizations and the Democrat Party utilize the powerful emotion of fear of what might happen as a way to keep getting what each wants. In the case of Democrat propaganda, it's the fear of what might happen to the black community if a Democrat is not in office. This uncertainty based on misinformation and fear, unfortunately, keeps many blacks voting against their best interests.

As Presidential candidate, Joe Biden grotesquely verbalized it back in 2012, if blacks didn't vote for Democrats, Republicans would, "Put y'all back in chains." Or, as Biden said earlier this year, if you don't vote for him, you're not black.

The deceitful media's coverage of Ferguson's tragic events follows the same dishonest pattern as coverage of other events portraying the black community's survival, relying on the help of Democrats.

The media would never get caught telling the truth that a police officer is 18½ times more likely to be killed by a black male than an unarmed black male is to be killed by a police officer.

African American parents listening to the fake media and Democrat politicians would logically conclude, as many do, that hundreds of young black males are slaughtered each day by white supremacist police officers.

If there is anything systemic in America, it's the systemic lying by Democrats and the fake media. The realization of the blatant falsehoods surrounding Ferguson and the death of Michael Brown can act as a spark for the black community to have an authentic non-violent revolution.

This November's election would send mammoth-sized shock waves through the country with a "vote for Republican" revolution by the black community. It would force the Democrat party, for the first time, to respect and work for black support. It would be a community rising up with their votes, causing the Democrat party to place a much higher value on the black community's current needs and future generations.

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