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  • Rick Hayes

Winners and Losers If Voter Fraud Prevails

Even if Republicans manage to keep the Senate, much of the damage has been done. The Constitutional Republic is on the losing side because it will no longer exist. Perhaps a type of socialist democracy or a quasi authoritarian police state will replace the current system, but it will no longer be a Republic. Republics require laws to be followed, and this would include election laws. When laws are ignored or formulated outside the legislative branch, then lawlessness is produced.

Crimes that go unpunished generate more and more significant crimes. The election fraud of 2020 will start the ball rolling into eventual chaos.

Minorities and young Americans will soon find out that they were sold a bill of goods, but it will be too late. They will suffer lower wages and higher unemployment. It's a simple case of supply and demand. With the increase in the supply of low skilled workers via Biden's promised amnesty and open borders, competition between Americans and illegal aliens for entry-level positions will explode.

Minorities and young Americans who heavily rely on entry-level positions will be thrown into an unfair competition with millions of non-citizen workers. Wages will plummet as entry-level jobs become scarce.

They can take all the free college courses they want, but it will be a cold workplace environment that greets them when they eventually emerge to make money.

Manufacturing jobs will see a sharp decline as the tax incentives offered under the Trump administration to U.S. based companies will go away.

Economic survival will force corporations to seek refuge outside the U.S. and move manufacturing sites to countries that offer a better return on their investment.

A Biden administration will tip the international competition scales in favor of China and other foreign markets that compete against American manufacturers.

A perfect example is Biden's promise to re-enter the Paris climate accord. This one-sided environmental agreement is a massive disadvantage to U.S. corporations who will spend billions of dollars complying with restrictions while competitors are free to continue to pollute. India and China, who currently lead the world in pollutants, will not have to abide by the agreement and will continue to contaminate the planet unchecked until 2030.

Energy producing states will be decimated. Fracking and other energy-producing methods and incentives that allowed the United States to become energy independent for the first time in modern history will no longer be allowed. Gas prices will soar, and military involvement in unstable, oil-producing nations will increase. Young Americans will needlessly lose their lives procuring a supply of foreign-produced energy already being provided in the U.S. under the Trump administration. Some lives matter, and some lives don't.

The Biden administration's "Green New Deal" will drastically reduce American coal and oil production. The air may or may not become cleaner, but one thing is for sure, there will be fewer younger Americans breathing it.

If all of the above scenarios seem drastic and severe, it's because they are. There is no sugar coating the damage the Biden administration's extreme policies will inflict upon the American population.

A majority of Americans have stated that they did not want any part of the socialist plans coming out of the far left side of the Democrat party, which is why the election process had to be bypassed.

It should be pointed out that there are no winners if the current voter fraud prevails. Not even President-elect Joe Biden can be considered a winner. At an age and time in his life that should be spent enjoying family and friends in relaxed surroundings, he is now in the world's most visible pressure cooker while in the crosshairs of radical lunatics.

It will soon be President Harris, and when that happens, as sure as Monday follows Sunday, all of the dire predictions listed above become a lot worse.

In the 1982 movie "The Verdict" with the great actor Paul Newman, there is a line relevant that should be embraced by all Republican conservatives when thinking about the 2020 election results.

In charge of a significant court case, Newman plays a lawyer at the end of his disappointing career. Facing what could be the moment where the case is lost, he repeats over and over that there is no other case and that this current case before him is all that matters.

Newman realizes the severity of not winning the case, and it is critically imperative that Americans recognize that as far as keeping the Republic safe, there is no other election.

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