• Rick Hayes

Yeah, Let's Blame Joe.

By Rick Hayes

On the one hand, can we genuinely hold President Joe Biden accountable for his many gaffes, errors in judgment, and poor decisions that have led to many deaths and jeopardized America's security?

President Biden has progressive dementia, a medical condition not beholden to political ideology. However, as a leader, Biden is still needed by the socialist wing of his party, and his mental disorder is precisely why they carried him over the Presidential finish line.

The American way of life is being systemically eradicated by a small number of far-left socialist radicals who tell the President what to do and when to do it. As President, Biden gives this small group enormous power over the vast majority of good Americans.

The southern border will remain wide open to transform the demographics of America. Inflation will continue to rise sharply to devalue America's purchasing power, and gas prices will remain high, enriching "clean energy" charlatans.

The purpose is to disrupt American society. To cause unsettlement and distrust, leading to disorder and violence.

The easy solution is to blame and make fun of the President, but the more profound and significant picture reveals that the institutions we trust are working against the American people. That is a much more complex problem to confront.

With Biden or against Biden makes no difference to an evil propaganda media having an anti-American agenda.

Until the U.S. can finally get a legitimate news source to rely on, American lives will be decimated with glacier-sized dishonesty.

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